Verifying Requirements Documentation

  • This checklist provides questions to verify that documented requirements follow business analysis best practices. Requirements verification needs to be done prior to validation and by a feasibility review. Note that there is no order given for the questions; in practice the questions are considered simultaneously. The below three steps need to be accomplished prior to obtaining the  project sponsor’s approval to proceed with development. 

Developing a Business Case

  • This guide provides an established capital budgeting method for developing a  business case for a project. The purpose of a business case is to make an informed business decision on pursuing project implementation.

Process Improvement

  • This checklist provides questions for analyzing process improvements. Eight aspects are covered using a fishbone structure. State the process to be improved at the head of the fishbone and then review the bone aspects in any order.

Face-to-Face (F2F) and Virtural Meeting Risk Planning

  • This guide assumes that the reader is familiar with risk analysis and facilitation techniques. Note that only negative risk is addressed in this guide. Besides threats, positive risk (opportunities) may be considered by the facilitator. 

Generic Work Breakdown Structure for a Requirement Work Plan

  • This document provides a guide for developing a Requirements Work Plan (RWP) for the analysis phase of a project. The RWP is developed by the business analyst and details all the tasks to be accomplished to write and obtain approval of a business requirements document (BRD). To develop this plan, the business analyst uses a traditional project management tool called a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). 

Generic Questions for Interviewing Stakeholders

  • This guide provides a list of generic questions to assist the business analyst engaged in the elicitation of stakeholder requirements. The key to any successful elicitation is asking the right questions whether it be in interviews or a facilitation session. Although the right questions are dependent on the solution scope, there are generic questions that the business analyst can use to start the elicitation regardless of the solution scope.           

V-Model Testing Methodology Using Use Cases

  • This guide provides a graphic / text journey of atrained business analyst / system analyst developing use cases and converting them into test scenarios and test cases. It highlights the choices of test methods, test coverage, V-model test frameworks, and information needed to document a test case.

Defining Vision and Scope

  • This guide covers the information needed to establish a project’s vision and scope after the issue of a project charter. Regardless of the software development approach (waterfall or agile), this is needed. The vision and scope defines the boundaries of the project in terms of process improvement targets and software solution features needed to facilitate those improvements.  

Logic Data Analysis                                    

  • This guide provides a technique for understanding data by simplifying relationships between keys and attributes. This simplification is achieved in cumulative stages called normalization forms:
  • First through third forms analyze keys and attributes
  • Fourth through fifth forms analyze concatenated keys
  • Sixth form analyzes time aspects 

Business Analysis
Training Experience

Consulting assignments typically follow after PM/BA training for a period of 1-3 days.  

  • Business analysis assignments are typcially reviews of requirements work plans, business requirements documentation (BRD) and test plans.  BRD reviews include models such as Business Rules, Use Case, Entity Relationship Diagrams, Business Process Model and Notation, and UML State and Class Diagrams.
  • Project management assigments cover variants of both agile and waterfall methodologies.
  • Facilitation assignments cover all aspects of group dynamics.

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